How does it feel to be the only one on a lonely planet?

Foreign Soil is part sci-fi, part surreal story about - well, about what, really?
Probably you can judge that better than I can.
If it were a film, it would certainly be a French-Korean co-production.

The puzzles in the game are not very difficult.

Age recommendation

Although not particularly serious overall, the game is NOT suitable for younger children, as there is swearing at times and references to alcohol consumption. Also, you can die in about 10 different ways and although this is not permanent, it is usually described in very unpleasant terms.

What you need

You can play the game right in this browser window.
Just click the "run game" button above.

You can also download the game. In this case you'll need an interpreter to play the game.
I personally recommend Lectrote (by Andrew Plotkin), which is available for Windows, Mac and Unix

If you want to play the game file on your mobile phone, you can find suitable apps here.

'And if you look into an abyss for a long time, suddenly you are the abyss yourself and you see someone looking at you.' 

Wolfgang Nietzsche – Beyond Milk and Sugar (first draft)


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